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Discover How To Time Your Trading Entries And Exits With Laser-Like Accuracy For Greater Profits And To Minimize Risk!


Dump Your Tired Old Trading Strategies Now... And Stop Guessing When To Enter Or Exit Your Trades! Finally Start Trading With 100% Absolute CONFIDENCE Starting Today!

The problem with 'standard' trading indicators is they only tell part of the story (and everybody else is using them).

Our Secret WINNING Indicators give you the FULL story!

This allows you to grow your portfolio and build your stack faster -- By compounding your winning trades, and cutting your losses EARLIER... Even if you're new to trading and have NO prior experience with using technical analysis, you can use these simple, powerful indicators to gain the edge you've been looking for in crypto, stocks, options, & Forex.

CryptoMastery Custom Trading Indicators

Identify Potential Winners Early! (NEW Custom Trading Indicators)

These Proprietary TradingView Indicators Are Built By a Professional Crypto 'Quant' Trader And Are Only Available For a Limited Time!

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Here's What You'll Get When You Get Access:

  • 7 Proprietary Trading Indicators: Minimize your losses and maximize your gains by identifying trades with laser-like precision. Compound your winners and minimize your losses by getting in and out at just the right time ... possibly saving you hours of time looking at your charts..

  • ​Private Facebook Group: Stay up to speed, ask questions, get support, share ideas with the other Crypto Mastery Community and FB members so you’re never alone, “stuck”, or left wondering what to do next. It's a great community of like-minded traders like you, sharing trade ideas and more...

  • A Private Online Members Area: This private 'Crypto Mastery' member area features online training modules and step-by-step, click-by-click video tutorials to help transform you into a ‘Master of crypto investing’ in the shortest time possible...

  • BONUS LIVE Weekly Training Classes Online - (Previously $97/Month): FREE If you register now! You'll get access to our LIVE weekly online CryptoMastery class every Tuesday at Noon EST with Founder Brett Fogle and "Crypto Joe", a 25 year professional trader, 'Quant' and software developer.

  • NEW BONUS #1: Dynamic Candlesticks Indicator which overlays highly likely candlestick chart patterns over the charts and price action, showing you Bullish and Bearish setups to watch out for!

  • NEW BONUS #2: Multi Time Frame RADAR which allows you to easily which way a crypto coin is trending, in 4 different time frames, all in ONE easy to read 'radar' screen in the corner of the chart!

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Plus LIVE Weekly Online Trainings Every Tuesday Which Are Recorded And Archived in The Members Area

Our New WINNING Indicators

How Would You Like To Enter Trades Like a Ninja, While Minimizing Risk And Potentially Winning On A Much Higher Percentage Of Your Crypto Trades? 

...Even If You're Brand New To Trading And Have No Prior Experience With Technical Analysis? You Can!

The Problem with 'standard' indicators

  • Only tell part of the story when trading...

  • Typically lagging instead of leading...

  • Generally difficult to learn to use effectively...

  • ​Less effective because everyone using them..

  • ​Can be easily overwhelmed with which to use...

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Plus LIVE Weekly Online Trainings Every Tuesday Which Are Recorded And Archived in The Members Area

Crypto Mastery Indicators Allow you to:

  • Grow your portfolio and grow your portfolio faster by compounding winning trades.

  • Minimize losses by alerting you to overbought areas and likely downward reversals.

  • Better time your trade entries and exits using simple yet sophisticated technology.

Available Exclusively In Trading View

Here's What Users Are Saying

Here's Everything You Are Getting:

Our Proprietary Trading Indicators

Turn your trading into a Crypto Profit Predictor identifying your very next trades with laser-like precision, compounding winners by getting out at just the right time for maximum profits while minimizing your losing trades.

Access our PROVEN Step-By-Step New Predictive Trading System Indicators created by a 25-year professional trader and programmer who has been refining these indicators for years...

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The ‘CryptoMastery’ Facebook Group

Stay up to speed, ask questions, get support, share ideas with all of the other Crypto-Profit Predictor Community and ‘Crypto Mastery’ FB members so that you’re never alone, “stuck”, or left wondering what to do next!

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Crypto Mastery Weekly Online Training

Live weekly trainings online plus Private members area featuring Online Training Modules with Step-By-Step tutorials and our Full Archive loaded with all our Previous LIVE Classes to take you Click-by-Click on the way to being a "Master Crypto Trader"

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You Also Get These 3 Bonuses:

​BONUS: Video Training:

How to setup your free TradingView software for maximum results and to also get the most out of your CryptoMastery indicators.

BONUS - Dynamic FIB

Know where price action is most likely to stay above and below so you know where to “buy low and sell high” using a dynamic Fibonacci retracement tool!


​Dynamic Candlesticks and RADAR Indicators which show highly likely reversal and bullish confirmations and multiple time-frame trend signals!



Today's Investment ONLY:

$497 / Six Months (With 1 Month FREE)

Or $297 Quarterly

Or $97 Monthly

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Stop Guessing When To Enter and Exit... Take Your Very Next Trade With Full CONFIDENCE That You're Capturing the Best Possible Moves With The CryptoMastery Trading Indicators!

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Plus LIVE Weekly Online Trainings Every Tuesday Which Are Recorded And Archived in The Members Area

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Let's Look At Some Actual Example Trades...

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