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We are giving out a complimentary demonstration where we'll show you exactly how we forecast stock trends up to 72 hours in advance. Want to know Apple's next move? Microsoft? Tesla? We are predicting their next move RIGHT NOW with up to 87.4% accuracy.

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  • Trader's Checklist: Preparing Your Morning of Trading

    Learn from trading professionals on how they prepare their day just hours before the market opens. This guide is perfect for giving you a firm direction, clear head, and set goals before you make your next trade.

    5 Basics Plays of Trading Options: Expert Trade Secrets

    Options trading is one avenue to accomplish a decent ROI or to protect your other investments. It ain’t an easy path, and it is fraught with risk, but so is Life. Go about it carefully, methodically, and with diligence and you just might beat the odds. 

    Trading Psychology: Developing a Successful Trading Mindset

    Professional trader Matt Golden discusses how to find the proper mindset regardless of your trading strategy while also showing how traders can find their own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also learn how to identify when markets suggest sitting out, finding a time frame to fit any trading style and how to build a watch list and portfolios within VantagePoint.

    Trade Day Preparation: Maximize Your Timing

    VantagePoint expert Greg Firman shares his methods of approaching a new day of trading. Find out how he utilizes VantagePoint’s indicators, including the Triple Cross, predicted differences and predicted RSI to identify the scenarios that will create the most profitability. 

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